Logos Academy depends on donations and private support to continue running.

Even with our low tuition prices, many students can not afford to pay for full-time high school, especially families with more than one child attending. It is our policy to turn no one away, and we offer many work-scholarships to students in need.

However, we still need money to run. The costs of running a school are great. In addition to our (very modest) teachers’ salaries, there are insurance fees, building rent, fees to compete in district competition, membership fees, taxes, internet and phone costs, and other large expenses to run a school. There are also innumerable little costs that stack up, such as copy paper, pens, bus gas, chalk, even toilet paper!

This is where you can help! You can choose to sponsor a student, fund a scholarship, take care of an immediate need, sponsor a project, or participate in our on-going micro-fundraisers.

Logos is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, and all your donations are tax-deductible.


Many of our students cannot meet the tuition costs of a private, Christian high school. You can help by providing partial or complete tuition through a monthly donation to Logos.



Scholarships are awarded to students who show excellent promise in academics, athletics, or the arts. Your one-time donation allows us to provide these students with extra tutelage, private lessons, and unique opportunities.



We often have small needs that YOU can help us fill: paper clips, copy paper, pens, chalk, staples, notebooks, etc. Even small donations help us out! Check this list to see if there’s a small something you could help out with.



We always have little ways you can help us make money. Check here for a list of ongoing micro-fundraisers you can participate in.



We often have projects – both large and small – that need funding in order to become reality! Special video programs, new music stands, or computer monitors are needs beyond our budget. See if there’s a project that you would like to see become a reality for our students.